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Our Clients

Google Kenya
Traffic Mapping Project
Deliverance Church of Kenya
Mapping of all Deliverance churches plus User Portal
International Organization for Migration
Consultancy (GPS Equipment)
International Fertilizer Development Center
Consultancy (GIS software) & GIS Training
Danish Refugee Council
GIS Training
Humanitarian Initiative Just Relief Aid
GIS Training
Practical Action
Community Development Mapping & Web Portal
Kenya Agricultural Productivity Programme
Consultancy & GPS Equipment
Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation
GIS Training
Agriculture Information Resource Center
WebGIS Portal
World Vision
GIS Training
Google Elections
Election HUB Results GIS Portal
Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission
Election Information Visualization
Nation Media Group
Kenya Agricultural Productivity Programme
WebMapping Portal
United States Agency for International Development
Map Making Services
Bethel Consultants
BillBoard Mapping & Web Portal
GIS Training
FIPS - Farm Input Promotions Africa
GIS Training
IFES - International Foundation for Electoral Systems
Web Mapping