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We keep GIS simple for you: JapakGIS LTD is devoted to making your experience with us easy. No matter how complex the challenge is, we'll resolve it simply and efficiently, and explain everything each step of the way. From discovery to follow-up, rest assured that you will know what is happening, and that everything is being taken care of.


We are professionals: We will always treat you with respect and honor our promises to you. We work to maintain an open, trusting, fair, professional relationship in everything we do for our clients, and give you as much information about the state of affairs as we can. That’s why we stick to flat rates as much as possible and give you constant updates on your projects; we believe in clarity and openness in all aspects of the work we do for you.


We're in it for the long haul: Our client relationships are built on communication and trust, and we are always looking out for their best interests in the long run. Our clients' trust builds the foundation for our operations, because we're often responsible for building, preserving and enhancing the integral technology that their companies run on.


We make every effort to know you: JapakGIS looks to understand your organization and cater to it – we realize each organization does things a bit differently and strive to learn your special requirements. We first get to know your budget and needs and plan everything else accordingly. And we never stop learning about you, as you grow and you change, JapakGIS will be there.


We're on your side: JapakGIS is an aggregator and creator of a suite of best-of-breed technologies'. When we develop and design solutions for our clients, we select what we ourselves use and trust - and we don't try to sell something you don't need. We have nothing more in mind than what works best for your particular business needs, at the best price.

Return on Investment

We'll give you returns on your GIS investment: We believe GIS is an investment, not an expense. And like any investment, we want to ensure our solutions produce a return. JapakGIS makes sure your company's GIS investments are worth far more than your expenditure, in the forms of:

  1. Increased productivity and efficiency
  2. Less downtime
  3. Disaster recovery/data integrity
  4. A competitive advantage
  5. Cost savings
  6. Transforming the way you work

We know GIS: JapakGIS' consultants, engineers, designers and developers are top-tier in their knowledge of the latest and greatest practices, programs, systems and technology. But more importantly, they know the best solution for you. Our team has the real-world experience, resources and professionalism you need to integrate GIS into a working system that best serves you to truly make your business run better.


We're here for you: Call us any time with your tech and design-related questions or problems. Chances are, we'll be able to help you. But if not, we can tell you who to go to, what to ask for, and how to best approach it.


We provide the biggest bang for your cent: JapakGIS isn't the cheapest nor the most expensive GIS company out there, but no one can provide the same value for a client's shilling. We realize GIS is an investment decision, and in business, value is forefront. So we work to make value significant in our services and product offerings.


We follow the 3 P's - Proactive, Predictive and Preventative: We take a proactive approach in all the work we do for our clients, and try to accommodate everything you need before you need it. We're predictive in the industry trends, the latest technologies, and our clients' use of technology. And we look to prevent problems from occurring by managing our client's infrastructure - instead of waiting for problems to happen, then reacting to them.